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Help child victims of abuse find the courage to tell their stories.

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Have you ever wished with all of your might for something bad to end? Or clicked your heels hoping to be transported to a safe place? Sadly, this is a true story for the one in ten children who become victims of sexual assault before they turn 18.

The Child Advocacy Center responds to child abuse through a team approach designed to reduce trauma, seek justice, and provide hope and healing on the road to resilience.

Here are the steps on the road to resilience:

Something Unimaginable Happens. A child becomes victim to sexual or physical abuse, neglect, kidnapping, sex trafficking or has witnessed a violent crime.

STEP 1: Children Feel Brave
A call is made to law enforcement or the child abuse hotline to report abuse or neglect.

STEP 2: Children Feel Believed
Children meet their Interviewer and tour the Child Advocacy Center.

STEP 3: Children Feel Heard
A Forensic Interviewer conducts a fact-finding interview in a safe, friendly environment.

STEP 4: Children Feel Safe
Children receive a medical examination to ensure health, safety and well-being.

STEP 5: Children Feel Supported
An Advocate guides each child through the court process and connects them to helpful resources.

STEP 6: Children Feel Resilient
Therapists provide ongoing trauma-informed counseling services as the child continues to heal.

Sometimes life is no fairytale. We know it takes great courage for child victims to tell their stories. Though our shoes may not be magical, our ability to walk alongside children on the road to resilience is.