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Be a Big Voice for the Small Voices.

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Be a Big Voice for the Small Voices

At the Child Advocacy Center, small voices can be heard. But, we need a lot of big voices of support to make that happen.

YOU can make a difference. Your generous support helps ensure that every child has access to services that will help them heal from their trauma. Consider the impact you can make every month by becoming a Big Voices for Small Voices member. This core group of supporters provides a dependable and steady source of income to ensure we can act at a moment’s notice to protect child victims and to ensure access to the medical and mental health services they need.

By donating automatically, you cut out postage and fundraising and administrative costs, increasing the impact of your charitable contribution and doing more to help keep children safe.

Your monthly gift provides:

  • $10 ($120 annually) – Juice boxes and snacks for children visiting the CAC
  • $15 ($180 annually) – One community training on the prevention of child abuse
  • $25 ($300 annually) – Gas cards for 12 families traveling from out of town
  • $50 ($600 annually) – Medical evaluation for one child
  • $100 ($1,200 annually) – Forensic interviews and court school for two children

Benefits of supporting the Child Advocacy Center monthly:

  • Further the Child Advocacy Center mission
  • Hassle and "I forgot!" free!
  • Less mail and fewer checks to write
  • Spread your giving out over time - make more of an impact
  • Peace of mind knowing you’re making a difference every month out of the year
  • Easier on your budget than a one-time gift

As a Big Voices for Small Voices member, you will receive "behind the scenes" information about how the Child Advocacy Center works, insights into our service statistics and exclusive early access to event tickets*.

*All benefits are dependent on level of monthly giving.

All gifts made to the CAC are tax deductible to the fullest extent allowable under the law.